The Good News after the Bad News

“…he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel” – Genesis 3:15b (NIV)

This somewhat violent statement is an epic plot spoiler of the very best kind.

After what was perhaps the world’s most famous mistake, it is an astonishing declaration of hope, made even more so by its timing: as soon as Adam tells God they have eaten the forbidden fruit, God’s first response it is not to yell at Adam, or to smite them both, or to complain about their rebellion – even though any of these could be expected. His first response is not even directed to Adam or Eve. Instead He turns directly to the serpent, and He declares that there will be enmity between the serpent and the woman’s offspring, but that God would ultimately cause us to triumph.

Not only does He not give up on Adam or his lineage, but He even promises that it will be from their own offspring that He would bring a champion, a saviour, the light for a world even now being made dark.

As soon as His beloved friends fall, He responds by catching everyone to come in His victory. It is the hope of good news immediately after Adam speaks the bad news. It is the very first telling of the gospel – and by God Himself. His good news in exchange for all of the bad news. His best in exchange for our worst.

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2 thoughts on “The Good News after the Bad News

  1. Sandra

    This is so encouraging! Love the concept of ‘His best, in exchange for our worst.’ God you are so faithful! Unconditional love right there. Thanks Mel xx

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  2. Luke Thorn

    This is amazing! I actually can’t believe how I missed this amazing message of victory / mercy right at the beginning! So thankful for such a merciful God. Thanks for breaking it down for us Mel! Girl gonna to preach one day!


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