It’s officially in the zeitgeist people! This publication profiles an amazing kind of woman we rarely get to see. The results are dazzling and encouraging.

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As much as good advocacy shines when done well, it can break your heart when it’s not effective, because the people who miss out are not you and I, but the people we speak for, the people who don’t have a voice.


I watched with fascination as this unabashedly feminine, unabashedly business social start-up tackled the task of inspiring, encouraging and guiding young and well-educated women to flourish beyond graduation.

Disguise designed by Michael Wohlwend from the Noun Project

Sometimes we will do something for someone that can never be thanked. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.

This somewhat violent statement is an epic plot spoiler of the very best kind.

Poop designed by Jordan Díaz Andrés from the Noun Project

On days when sicknesses pick a fight with the immune system, or batteries run low, or people are mean, it is natural to want to wallow in it – just a little. But what would happen if we simply…traded them in?

Suit designed by Ryan Dell (Ryan Deel)

What does a truly great man look like?


“In my career I’ve tried to be the model that you don’t have to sell yourself out in whatever career you decide, you don’t have to do everything, you can say no”

Costume designed by Niki Forecast

One amazing dress code.


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